No Nude Swimming

A Novel by Robert Gottlieb You deserve a laugh today


Attorney Sam Weisman is having a bad day. His wife wants a divorce and his law practice is threatened by a hostile takeover. What’s a guy to do? ‘Money, that's what I want …’ – That’s his dad on the phone, asking for free legal services for a friend. When will he learn that Sam doesn’t work for free? More important, when will SAM learn?

The neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking … Under the watchful eye of the Dark Angel, Sam comes up with a crazy plan to calm his nerves with sedatives prescribed by Sid the Psych, who is now entrepreneuring with psychobabble T-shirts. They’re all the rage ....

Pulled one way by two hilarious con artists who plan to steal his dream, and another by his family and the real estate professional who’s worked her way into his heart, Sam uncovers the wisdom in his father’s madness and struggles to hold onto his sanity, his self-esteem, and the woman he loves.

Grasping the end of his rope in one hand and the end of his rainbow in the other, he teeters between the abyss … and the pot of gold!

So, you see, No Nude Swimming is not about nude swimming. And yet it is. I guess you just have to read it to get that part. And why not? It’s a fun read.