No Nude Swimming

A Novel by Robert Gottlieb You deserve a laugh today


“ I’ve known Robert for over 10 years. He has a great sense of humor and it certainly comes out in his book No Nude Swimming. He takes difficult life events that happens to us all—divorce, loss of work, financial difficulties—and shows us that time and perseverance with a little humor will get us through. I enjoyed the book and recommend it, especially to one who’s life seems out of control. Your problems will seem small in comparison! ”

—Neal Chazin

No Nude Swimming is a fun read and a good story. The novel is highly engaging and provokes critical thought and discussion. Humor everywhere designed to create a visual awareness. There are quotes at the beginning of each of the 21 chapters that are thought provoking and very funny and still make me laugh.

I believe we can all relate to the main character, Sam, who climbs the ladder of success and when he gets to the top of that ladder he realizes that he climbed the wrong ladder and is thrown down to the bottom of the ladder by usual circumstances but rises again in an unusual way. No Nude Swimming touches all emotions. The author seems to have a very interesting mind. ”

—Michael Mandap