About Robert Gottlieb

A retired (really tired and quit) attorney, Robert Gottlieb maintained a private practice in Los Angeles and San Diego for a total of 40 years. Robert began his general practice focusing primarily on business clients, and in the 1980s he began representing insurance company clients. His career as a lawyer provides the backdrop of experience against which he has painted with a broad stroke the disillusionment and exhaustion that haunt the majority of attorneys practicing today.
Born in Los Angeles, Robert lived most of his early life in the San Fernando Valley. He attended public school and graduated from law school in Los Angeles. Realizing that Los Angeles was a magnet for the world of dreamers seeking recognition and success in the arts and entertainment field, Robert conjured a theory that God created earthquakes for the purpose of bringing talent and the crazies to Hollywood, shaking the world until the fallout from other countries ended up in the United States. God then shook the world again, according to the theory, and whatever had originally fallen into the United States now fell into California. God shook the world with yet another earth quake, and what shook loose fell into Hollywood, bringing ideas ranging from the bizarre to the ingenious and elevating a few to enjoyment of huge success. Early in his days as a practicing attorney, Robert began making and saving notes involving situations with clients, prospective clients, courtroom proceedings, and the humorous and often absurd stories related to him by other attorneys. It didn't take long to realize that the practice of law, like any other business, is about people much more than about the law itself. In the mid- to late 1990s, Robert began to create narratives from his notes. No Nude Swimming is his first novel.

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Robert Gottlieb